Campaignzee 2.0 is coming soon

Campaignzee 2.0 will launch on December 21st at 8PM (PST). The biggest features include built-in trial support for plans, the ability to add, edit, or delete plans without having to deactivate the list, a new subscription management page for your readers, and an updated coupon process. But what we're most excited about is that this release lays a solid foundation that will support updates for many years.

With the release of Campaignzee 2.0, there are some big changes to be aware of. Read on to learn about how to be ready for the upgrade.

Campaignzee will live at

When we first started Campaignzee, we weren't able to secure, and instead purchased But after a few years, we were finally able to secure our preferred domain name. With our transition to Campaignzee 2.0 coming up, we decided that it would be a good time to move everything to going forward.

Logging in will no longer be done through your MailChimp account

Over the years we've had some issues related to signing into Campaignzee via MailChimp accounts. To get around these issues we've decided to change our login system to use the standard web app approach and have a standalone sign-in email and password. Your Campaignzee account email will be based on your MailChimp account email (you will be able to change this once you've logged in).

For your first login, you'll be able to visit our "forgot password" page to set a new password for your account and log in.

Hosted subscription pages will automatically redirect to the new address

For Campaignzee 1.0, hosted subscription pages lived at "". With Campaignzee 2.0, we're transitioning all subscription management pages to "". This will give us a central location for readers to subscribe to your newsletter, as well as manage their subscriptions. The good news is that if you are currently using the hosted subscription form we will automatically redirect to the new hosted page for a few weeks while you begin to use the new URL. We recommend updating any links you have to the new URL once 2.0 is launched so that you're ready for when we stop automatically redirecting the hosted page.

Embedded forms are changing

Campaignzee currently uses some javascript code to dynamically generate HTML for your embedded form. This method caused some reliability issues in certain content management systems and global regions, so we've decided to change the way we generate the embedded form code.

The new embedded form code will no longer be dynamically generated. Campaignzee will give you static HTML to insert into any page you host. This has the benefit of higher reliability and simpler diagnoses of issues. Due to how the current system operates, we won't be able to auto-redirect to the new embed code. If you currently use Campaignzee's embedded subscription form you will need to log in to Campaignzee 2.0 to get the new embed code. We recommend switching to the current hosted forms before the 2.0 launch so you can continue to subscribe readers during the transition period.

Coupons will be applied via URL

Currently, Campaignzee shows a promo/coupon box on subscription forms so users can apply a coupon code (if your list offers one). With Campaignzee 2.0 we've decided to remove the promo box and instead load the coupon via the URL. For example, if you've created a 10% coupon in Stripe with an ID of 10OFF, you could send a link to potential subscribers like this:

This would display the hosted subscription page and load the 10OFF coupon. This new way of loading coupons gives you the ability to target specific groups with coupons without having to rely on the user entering it correctly, or showing subscribers without a coupon that they are missing out on some savings.

Notes: A coupon will not alter the prices displayed on the page. Coupons are not supported on embedded forms.

Refunds will no longer be automatically generated

In the current system, when a subscriber unsubscribes from your list, Campaignzee calculates a prorated refund based on the unused portion of their subscription. With the introduction of built-in support for trials in Campaignzee 2.0, we've decided to stop automatically generating refunds. We think when and how much to refund a subscriber is best left up to the author of the newsletter.

If you decide to refund a subscription, you can do so from your Stripe dashboard as you would any other charge (

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